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This was his eighth successful Rotary Grant Program created for the health of infants and children. Stewart Jr., MD 61, and his wife, Anne, live in a retirement home. Donald has been afflicted with inclusion body myositis since 1987 but is still able to do some oil painting.Gordon Black, LA 64, posted online a market research analysis of the publishing industry as it faces the e Reader revolution.

One reads: “Disappointed by people, never by my dog”, while another reads: “6 kgs of pure love”.One other interesting site in Asnières concerns the luxury goods manufacturer, Louis Vuitton, who opened his atelier or workshop there in 1859. It is the burial place of over 3,000 animals including a lion, a panther, dogs, rabbits, birds, hamsters, fish, sheep, foxes, racehorses, cats and even a few monkeys.You can find the graves of some famous animals there, such as the canine Hollywood movie star, Rin-Tin-Tin, who starred in 29 movies between 19.The book, a memoir of the first African-American school superintendent in the southeast, details the efforts of Ulysses Byas to overcome the years of neglect and segregation in Macon County, Ala.

Robinson, a trained historian and career educator, worked closely with Byas at the state teachers association and later in Tuskegee.The river played a key role in its growth, as raw materials and finished goods could be easily transported between the city and the many factories and workshops that had located there.As the Parisian middle-class expanded in the 19th century, Asnières was transformed into a destination for promenading, bathing and boating.He insisted that the workshop be located near the river so as to be able to unload the poplar wood needed for the leather-bound trunks that would make him famous. The workshop is still in use today and the art nouveau house was renovated in recent years. Kirsch, LA 51, MD 55, is active in neurological ­research at Loma Linda University Medical School.describes the changes that are coming to publishing.