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But it is in the US and in the movie industry, so I don’t think anyone was shocked or upset that he’s decided to closet"More sources confirming that Sam is gay.

Our darling, Lady Goodman, whose cousin met Sam at the Real Conservatoire of Scotland, posted this interesting info. Theres nothing wrong with y'all voicing your opinions.

I believe he was a long-time love."More sources about Sam being gay, from the previous threads:[quote]"I’ve known he’s gay since right after he was cast. Now the bearding is just innuendo played out on SM but no personal meetings.

Many UK fans I befriended early know it and shared that information. Much easier on Sam who looked like he was cracking up during NY promo week.

Both of them are obsessed psycho-stalkers who can't stop themselves. That showmance helped Starz with their ‘Obsessable’ campaign and the subscriptions and fan adoration poured in like a deluge. The Shamzie queens are so saintly, aren't they, devoting their blogs to helping others. Sam just posted a video on IG, he was at the concert last night . What is wrong with a couple having fun and going out together ? Why is it he always looks so frail and grimy around her also. Judging by the number of shamzies posting on here today and the bombardment of photos/likes, we are back to where we were 4 months ago . So Mauzy posts a picture from a foggy landscape with some BS text and her followers claim her as the new rising writer or photographer. This will be important.[quote]Remember that Sasso tweet? Would you believe that Sam and mm were spotted at that concert last night? If there're people who still actually believe Sam has romantic relationship with Mauzy - ask yourself, why didn't he just acknowledge his girlfriend in an interview (if he needs or his producers need to show fans he's not gay and not with Balfe).

It also fattened the Starz calf for acquisition by Lionsgate. Look at them ranting on their soapboxes, attention-seeking and pushing a Hetero Heughan narrative while kicking the corpses of the sad, repressed Gabaldon cultist-fantards who became addicted to the opium drip of the showmance that Starz held out as bait and then snatched back. Hey, my daily view from my windows, even by night, shows me a much more spectacular view. And that the person who spotted them was in Sasso’s group? And somehow, this picture, from a closed/private Facebook group made its way around the fandom. He could just say he has a girlfriend, he's happy and he wants to keep it private like Balfe and hundreds other actors did.

He seems to have no interest in being connected with her anymore. To the one person who is all up and down this thread: Why are you so desperate and hysterical to prove he's straight? You believe he's straight and he's dating Mackenzie? Go talk about it among your friends who agree with you. Your increasingly desperate attempts to persuade others to your point of view doesn't make you more right or make you more believable. You are worse than shippers and worse than Shatner himself with your intolerance and your insults ( I said that already , do not spend time searching when ) . No amount of effort/leaking info to Purv by JA is ever going to make Sam look comfortable with this boring and shallow woman. How do the trolls explain MM's obsession with Jimmy Graham and her absence from the Audi event on LA? Whoever hired her must be incredibly stupid because she constantly slips up to out herself under the multiple sock accounts and anon postings she uses to spread her lies. Again, MM need attention because her acting career is in a downward spiral. With Cait's engagement there have been more SH gay rumours than ever, and then there appear MM plane shots, hints, "Hey, I'm in Glasgow ", and now a fan pic - some might see it all as staged escalation. There are tons of pictures of my gay friends and me. Sounds legit.(To be clear, I don't disbelieve she's there with her family)Her family owns a microbrewery in Seattle.

May be, we get another staged pic tomorrow to prove me wrong. The excuse that they're keeping their 'true love' private because she is being bullied is horseshit. MM could also take control of her IG by preventing comments but doesn't as she's clearly trying to monetise it. She comes across as immature, self centered and unmotivated. Look at R54 and the rest of BS posts......;)Given the number and quality of posts, our troll is probably of the low-paid cyber shill variety...[quote]Someone seeking an enhanced reputation might contract with a domestic firm that performs some less questionable service, such as social media consulting. Being Sam adjacent is the only way she can boost her social media numbers. And still SH will not come out (yes, I know, bad pun) to actually SAY ie. ), that MM is his gf - why not, even though he knows that there is a lot of suspicion about this woman he supposedly loves? Just SAY clearly and finally, with no carefully gender neutral language, and no evasion, that 'this is my gf' - own the relationship about which many are doubtful - is he not proud of her? We have spend holidays together, shared the same room, sometimes the same bed. There is some kind of craft beer event going on in Glasgow.

But it would make Sam think twice about coming out anytime soon. He's not straight, but I don't think this level of deception makes sense for a relatively unknown actor. They only started entertaining the idea Sam wasn't straight when Cait got engaged- basically out of spite, in other words. People have been complaining that Sam never supports MM re the comments made on IG. CO is desperately trying to regain her place in the Anti fandom. And when they are the actor playing this unicorn invented by Gabaldon, the "King of men", then you almost cant stand it. Because then, you cant have your little wet dreams thinking about him, when you go to bed. Now that Cait's engaged and the gay comments are becoming believable again MM has had to be resurrected. Up until now Sam has barely participated in the bearding sideshow, except with Balfe, which might be excused as a showmance by two unknowns and PR machine trying to sell a cable show. MM, an unlikely beard given her dating history and knack of trolling the fandom, had disappeared, seemingly to his relief after he appeared to be cracking up in NY. Now suddenly he’s posting lone bellow concert dates so nobody misses MM being there.

R17 I liked how our resident troll doesn't seem to have heard of bisexuality, it just thinks there's straight and gay. I did feel sorry for them, especially when Shatner/Camuso were literally encouraging other fans to stalk shippers in real life (that whole Kim fiasco), but they were told over and over again by Sam and Cait themselves that they weren't together, all they had to do to avoid disappointment was to accept that and continue shipping while understanding they weren't a couple in real life. So to prove that he does ’ Contemplatig Outlander ‘ has dug up a post from 2 years ago! Perhaps he keeps her in a cupboard, only to be let out when desperately needed. She reblogged a disgusting post comparing shippers to Nazis complete with pictures of Hitler. She seems to think she was justified because shippers are ‘mean’ to MM. It is a personal insult for you, that Sam Heughan is gay? Ever thought about, he got the Jamie part, because he is gay? Must pay much better than having a football boyfriend. Most of his US Fans are still in bed, so where come those likes/views from? Sam and Mackenzie together last night IS believable because there is a picture . Balfe’s engagement is announced, perhaps not totally with her consent. He’s uploading video of another concert after posting an ad for it earlier, ensuring fans will be there looking for him. Before he may have been passively complicit, but now he’s actively selling it. He might be selling his situation but very passive aggressively. It’s completely dysfunctional no matter which “side” you take. The timing of the podcast and PR with the beard was right on.

" , I didn't because my cousin isn't in the acting/directing game anymore and is now working as a "civilian", so I'd completely forgotten he went to the Conservatoire as its now called. This same man looks almost exactly like the man pictured with Sam at the bar that was posted on a Brazilian Twitter page (green lights, otherwise very dark, Sam and a man sitting next to each other). To verbally attack someone who doesn't necessarily agree with u is just ignorant ... I just try to skip over the ones that are obnoxious. This troll looks suspiciously like our 'literacy-challenged' moron and has posted several times referring to the posters here as 'bitter', 'nasty', 'creepy,' 'disgusting,' 'wackos,' and a whole lot of misogynistic and probably self-loathing 'old lady' insults. I have my doubts that he is but hey who knows The troll later pretends to know "the truth" and but can't tell (on a gossip board)...[quote]Well guess what "Ladies " the truth to this mystery might just make you all want to go back to your knitting needles and make a giant noose ... But your all Barking up the wrong tree 🌲 So to speak ... Let’s get one thing straight (excuses the pun) Sam is gay, not Bi but gay.

I commented that I thought he was lovely and he'd have to intro me when I was next in Scotland (I was saying this jokingly, I'm married.) and he replied "Sorry to burst your bubble, gorgeous as you are, I don't think you've got what he's looking for if you know what I mean..."[quote]"And he was like "He's gay. I'm sure he's photographed with women, I've seen him around home with women. I'd drop the "almost," except lighting and camera angles make a positive ID tricky. This same man used to post very regularly on Sam's original Twitter account, then went almost completely silent after Sam started to gain some fame. To say you know for a fact that indeed he is gay is assuming .. Here, the troll's caught in another lie, first saying she doesn't know Heughan's status and later saying she does.[quote]If he wants to pretend that he's straight so be it . Why are you bottom feeders so hell bent on outing someone who obviously isn't ready to be outed . It seems to me the bearding stopped at the end of September.

Such jobs may be telecommute positions or conducted from temporary offices which are frequently moved to avoid detection. only a deluded fancunt would push their heterosexual narrative on a gay website. You are constantly trying to vindicate yourself and your beliefs and it’s extremely insensitive to those who don’t follow your views. The owner posts fanpics including qoutes and dates from several sources. Maybe he has switched sides from gay (an idea scorned by my gay godson - 'Come on, he is one of us. But if OL did end, he would then be seeking roles in an overcrowded and highly competitive field, and studios other than Starz may be wary of the clumsy PR baggage, fine actor though he undoubtedly is. But apparently it is worth it to someone to create this straight Sam story, theres a lot of money involved and I guess they want to cover all their bases. If you really want him to be left alone, do just that. The more this is pushed, the more ridiculous it seems. It’s amazing that the Samzie queens can link these two as lovers from just a picture. Couples in a long term relationship spend holidays and birthdays together and they don’t go four months without seeing each other. I don't have a lot to add that hasn't been said,but all I know is this - The person who told me that Sam is gay,has no skin in the game. We should not be on Datalounge saying we accept gay actors bearding because that’s what they have to do to be successful.