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Our products are setting new standards for reliability, energy efficiency and durability.We offer almost all types of bearings, including deep-groove ball bearings, spherical & cylindrical roller bearings and super- precision bearings. You’re either straight, gay, or bi, or something ain’t working right, or you’re really a woman trapped in a man’s body and are in denial. I exist, therefore your hypothesis has been refuted. Yet most men have probably gotten erections from wearing tight clothes, waking up in the morning, driving on bumpy roads, and randomly walking down the street. Sure, it can sometimes be caused by emotional stimuli, such as sexual attraction, but attraction is not a requirement. I don’t feel what people mean when they use the word “hot” to describe someone. So much of the stereotypical male identity is wrapped up in sexual prowess that it’s difficult to step back and admit that you don’t really fit in that world.

If he doesn’t, there must be something wrong with him, he must be broken.

It’s simply not acceptable for a man not to want to use that erection with someone.

I went on my journey with open eyes, willing to embrace whatever it was that I discovered. All the things I’d done, all the things I thought, how I felt, it all made sense to me. Most men who may be asexual aren’t going to take that step. For most people, there’s straight, there’s gay, there’s bi, and that’s all.

They don’t know that there is that step to take, or they’re afraid of what they’ll find, or it just doesn’t bother them enough to start looking. They aren’t aware that there are other categories which might fit better.

I had a girlfriend that tried to awaken me sexually, but wasn’t all that successful.

I’d known for years that I just didn’t think about sex the same way other people did. If he stands at attention looking at a woman, he’s straight, if he’s looking at a man, he’s gay, and so on. Because I don’t feel sexual attraction toward anyone. If it doesn’t end up in or on someone else, where it will be neutralized by their body heat, then it can apparently remain dangerous, which is why masturbation is viewed as an outlet of last resort.) The only thing that can stand in the way of a man having sex is the inability to get an erection, but if you can’t get it up, there’s a pill for that, a pump for that, a ring for that, an implant for that… In many ways, for a man, sexual attraction is seen as equivalent to getting hard.I considered myself straight, pretty much through the process of elimination. Whenever I heard other people talk about sex or about hot women, it was foreign to me. One day, I had a conversation with a friend about a somewhat baffling depiction of sex on some TV show and as we went on, it became very clear that I was not like everyone else and that there had to be something out there, some reason, something to explain how I felt.After all, I’d never been attracted to a man, so therefore I had to be straight. It became too much to be able to deny anymore, so I went looking for answers. Pretty much everything fell into place at that point. If I hadn’t taken that step, I’d still be “straight, but not very good at it”. I hadn’t had sex in over eight years and it didn’t bother me at all.