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Even the phones we put into our pockets have cameras and microphones, and Apple is now at the point where it can put Kinect-like technology into the front-facing camera on the i Phone X.

The chances of hackers targeting your own Echo device are also slim, for a variety of reasons.

Security has also progressed alongside camera advancements, and hardware can now be sandboxed and protected against attacks.

We’re now approaching a period in technology where it will be key for computers to start having precise machine vision.

Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook and many other companies are working on artificial intelligence that can process images and video and let a computer see and understand the world around it.

It’s no mistake that Amazon’s Echo Spot looks cute.

It has to be cute and tiny to avoid pointing out that it’s a computer with a camera staring at your bed.

The thought of putting your holiday photos online for anyone to see 15 years ago was insane, but now everyone shares daily photos to Facebook or Instagram without even pausing for thought.

We’re now entering a similar phase for cameras in the home.

Amazon doesn’t even mention the word privacy in its press release for the Echo Spot or its product page.

The camera on the Echo Spot is primarily used to support video calling, but it could theoretically be hacked and used for malicious purposes.

The Echo Spot might seem like a basic and cute alarm clock for now, but these devices could do so much more in the future.