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I may never meet you here, but I do know we will meet there!! Hae my wonderful star, i love everything about u absolute everything i salute u 4 ua waao movies But u know what u own me something , u need to open for me a small business coz its all ua fault i never full feel my dreams of becoming a Sergion coz i couldn’t attend class properly, I was madly inlov with ua action movie my head was overloaded with yua action movie i couldn’t have tyme for books properly but when i realize that too late my years of studies was over but i went back home with nothing but UA series of all of ua movies in my head forgetting i went there to study, u need to do something to change my life coz due to soo much love of ua movies i spend all of my years watching ua movies instead of being serious with my Books but i love u so much my star Hey Chuck I send you a letter for your pic & autograph but I never receieved anything back my name is Woodie Roten 482 Buzzard Roost Rd Bulls Gap, TN 37711 I watch all your show and have most of them…Pray for us & I’ll will Pray for you. But also seems honest and genuine in real life you are really a guy to look up to.Me and my girlfriend Paula Mikkelsen were in Stuttgart this weekend to meet you Chuck Norris. In Germany we call it “Verlässlichkeit” think reability is the word in English…

I found one of your mistakes that reads he will June 3’rd 1970. My husband served in Vietnam 67-68 in the tet offensive he had ptsd severly it affected his children and me his wife.

I read it all the way through and I thought it was so inspiring.

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He shares the details of his gripping and courageous story for the first time in 50 years in his new… We exchange a look walking with my wife and two kids !!! Her favorite thing to do is sit in her daddy’s lap for a couple hours @ night and “watch walker kick some butt” Let’s see if we can get him there & fill her birthday wish 😉😏 Last week I reported the news that deaths by suicide in this country are up 25 percent since 1999. Take care😊💗 Happy wife happy life wonder what the statistics are of suicide deaths.

Chuck I just want to let you know my dad was in the Army I don’t know for how long but he was also a Veteran too. Could you send me a dedication at least for remember this moment please !!! According to federal data, deaths attributed to opioid overdose and alcohol abuse are now at the high… THE THING NO ONE IS TALKING ABOUT BUT ARE ALL AT RISK IF AT ANY POINT IN THEIR LIVES IF THEY TRUST DRS OPIODS ARE A WALK IN THE PARK COMPARED TO BENZOS AND ANTISPYCHOTICS PLEASE GET INFORMED SOONER BETTER THAN LATER you are right about people taking their own life. But I do strongly agree with you about the article. who Kills themselves if they are in a happy Marriage loving family a purpose to survive.

If people today returned to GOD I believe everything would be different. I love you Chuck,iv always looked up to you,an i miss seeing you on T. Walker Texas Ranger was one of the best shows ever to grace the screen. But i have already improved that I may make my exam to the yellow belt in autumn. Thank you for entertaining us, Chuck Norris 😃👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻.

There is too much acceleration, me myself and I mentalities, the I gotta be first and lack of accepting the consequences of your own actions. For me are the real native american people and Dalhai Lama, Buddhismus. As with all good things, we have to realize and accept the value of the lives we live lies more in the quality, not as much in the quantity! I have been following your career for many years and can say that your character and the respect you bring to martial arts is nothing short of pure excellence and what every parent looks for as a role model for their children. Chuck I would love to learn how to defend myself but knowing me I would wide up hurt. I also really wish you would start your Martial arts schools all around Australia. I‘m still studying hard you were the only reason I started karate , It‘s a great martial art. Hey Chuck Norris is great I think he’s the best karate expert to Everwood besides Bruce Lee I don’t know much about karate but I do know Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris is one of the best there ever was or ever will be my name is Brad I love Chuck Norris and Bruce Lee I would love to meet you at Norris if if I could ever meet Chuck Norris that would be the coolest thing I am 54 years old I’ve been watching him ever since I was a kid I live in Greenville Texas so if anybody out there can help me meet Chuck Norris that would be the coolest thing in the world I got a 14 year old son he watches him too sometimes and I was even in one of his movies when he did Walker Texas Ranger didn’t know I was in one of his movies but I would really like to meet Chuck Norris that’ll be cool Hi Mr.

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It has been a rewarding experience keeping Sabbath this way. Chuck Norris , I have a personal request that only you could give assistance in, as I am sure you follow MMA , and combat sports ,there seems to be an idea that Bruce Lee was an actor and really could not fight on a professional level, seeing how you personally knew and trained with him it would be courageous at least if you could somehow speak clearly on the subject there are many videos of you talking about this but there is alot of contradiction in these videos, there are many opinons from other martial arts legends about bruce but none would be well respected as your opinion , i see arguments almost daily about this in MMA forums, it seems a shame that someone who is considered the grandfather of mixed martial arts has not even recieved a tribute or a place in the hall of fame of MMA and i believe it would be something one of his best friends "you" should have some part in, it would in no way belittle youre legacy we all have always known you are one of the badest men who ever swung a fist or a foot and i personally am a fan of yours since the late 70s, best regards May Bruce rest in peace and much honor to you and your friendship with him. It’s a brutal wake up call and should be for everyone. I’m sure your good friend Bruce Lee from above is very proud of you. I love you and know that you are in my heart my friend. loll Thank you Chuck Norris and you also have been a good role model and hero for many kids. If only we had more like you to set good examples for kids.