Updating autoshapes in excel using vba Freewebcamteen

' --------------------------------------------------------------------------------' - - - - - Example Set 1 - Hiding the shapes - - - - - - ' The drawback of this method is that if the Pause button is not visible ' when you exit the show, you would have to run code ' to make it visible again.

' -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- .

find those words and numbers in the opened Excel file after splitting and re-formating string. Grab values from column and store in small Array and repeat for all "iq_'s" on the chart ' 4. Repeat for every slide The above steps are a "big picture" outline of what my program does. The biggest issue here is that when I use it on files with 50 graphs to update it tends to step over itself and skip/ignore steps, and I hope a good scrubbing of this code may fix this. For context, this is what the database and charts look like: How the chart I want to edit looks like (Notice the title is "iq_7", giving the program a reference) How the database where I'm pulling in the information to populate the graph looks like (notice iq_7 is in cell Option Explicit Public Sub table Array() 'Timer start Dim Start Time As Double Dim Seconds Elapsed As Double Start Time = Timer 'Create variables Dim xl App As Excel. Display Alerts = False 'Find # of iq's in workbook Set Sh Ref = xl WB.

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This also work if the action settings are set to work on mouse over. ' -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ' Copyright 1999-2018, Shyam Pillai, All Rights Reserved. ZOrder mso Send To Back End With End Sub Sub Resume Show() With Slide Show Windows(1) . Workbook Dim Cell Values As Variant Set XLObj = o Shape. Workbook Dim Cell Values As Variant Set XLObj = o Shape. The latter requires the buttons to be overlapping to function as required. And finally one which merely changes the caption and determines the state of the show based on it. ' -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ' Copyright 1999-2018, Shyam Pillai, All Rights Reserved. Frame Slides = mso False Make use of hidden and undocumented Sound Format object to export sound files. Source Full Name) "" Then If Msg Box("Overwrite the original file?

I have excel links in powerpoint that are set to manual update. I've used only one cell as an example to update across, the but same can be extended to handle to other cells too. The update routine can be performed by simply calling Update XLCells, however if you want to automate the process, set up the excel event handler first and then every time you change the value in B2 of any of the embedded XL (2nd slide to 4th) objects the value on the 1st slide will get updated. ' This includes both posting free demo projects made from this ' code as well as reproducing the code in text or html format. ' -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dim o Clip Clear As Command Bar Button On Error Resume Next Set o Clip Clear = Application. Find Control(Id:=3634) If Not o Clip Clear Is Nothing Then If o Clip Clear. Execute End If On Error Go To 0 End Sub Initially I was under the impression that this was an undocumented aspect. ZOrder mso Send To Back End With End Sub Sub Pause Resume Toggle() With Slide Show Windows(1) If . ' -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sub Update XLCells() Dim X As Integer Dim Y As Variant For X = 2 To 4 Y = Y Get Xl Rng Values(Active Presentation. Shapes(1), "B2") Next Set Xl Rng Values Active Presentation. Shapes(1), "B2", Y End Sub Function Get Xl Rng Values(o Shape As Power Point. Range(Rng) End Function Sub Set Xl Rng Values(o Shape As Power Point. Range(Rng) = Value End Sub Three different approaches to the same.