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You can update both default and locally defined source keys for integration-enabled objects. (As I write this article, current release for Oracle HCM Cloud is Release 12.) Source To update the source key associated with any record, you load a Source file.If there is a better way to update the Geo file on Debian please let me know and I will update this post.

When you load data using HCM Data Loader, you can provide a source key.

The source key is a value, usually generated from a legacy environment (PS\EBS), that identifies the record uniquely in that environment. converting data using user keys or online data entry), then a default source key is generated.

It's important to keep the data file up to date as directories get updated etc in order to keep as accurate as possible.

On Debian 5 the file is located at /usr/share/Geo IP/Geo The most up to date version of the file is currently located at Lite Country/Geo gz Note that this is the current location of the file at the time of posting this article and may be subject to relocation at a later time.

You can create a new dat from any folder on your computer.

A dat is some files from your computer and a ❯ dat clone dat://778f8d955175c92e4ced5e4f5563f69bfec0c86cc6f670352c457943666fe639 ~/Downloads/dat-demo dat v13.5.0 Created new dat in /Users/joe/Downloads/dat-demo/Cloning: 2 files (1.4 MB) 2 connections | Download 614 KB/s Upload 0 B/s dat sync complete. These files are being shared by a server over Dat (to ensure high availability) but you may connect to any number of users also hosting the content.

In my original script I didn't have the "rm -f" line but despite the -f flag for the mv command the root aliases made it prompt anyway to see if I really did want to delete the file. cd /tmp wget -q Lite Country/Geo gz if [ -f Geo gz ] then gzip -d Geo gz rm -f /usr/share/Geo IP/Geo mv -f Geo /usr/share/Geo IP/Geo else echo "The Geo IP library could not be downloaded and updated" fi There isn't a large amount of error checking in the above script and you could still potentially end up without a Geo file at the end of the process.

I would recommend either running this manually every now and again and making sure everything worked OK (which is what I do myself), or modifying the tests to make them a little more robust.

If you have a friend going through this demo with you, try sharing to them! Using the to scan your files and sync them to the network.

Share the link with your friend to instantly start downloading files. Go to and enter your link to preview on the top left. Dat uses dat-ignore to decide if a file should be ignored. If you want to only download a subset, you can create a As part of our Knight Foundation grant, we are building a registry for dat archives.

My question is, how may i update these dat and xml files when i update device database (add/remove target) by not updating the application?