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All officers commissioned after 1 January 1994 must have completed ILE- Common Core (CC) and have completed a credentialing course NLT the day before the boards convenes.

Entries on the DA Form 4037, Officer Record Brief (ORB), and DA Form 2-1, are for information purposes only and will not be used to verify military and/or civilian education requirements.5. Career Managers and human resources personnel will not review board files for errors or missing documents as that is a Soldier’s responsibility.Officers must provide missing documents or make a reasonable attempt to retrieve those missing documents.I have been looking everywhere for a blank ERB form but it does not seem one exist.Is there a fillable ERB form out there that I can fill out or do I just hand write the missing information on the existing ERB form and turn that in to my S1. In accordance with 1, officers with an approved separation within 90 days from the convene date of the boards are not eligible for consideration by these selection boards.

Officers affected by this statute must have an approved separation date on or before 26 Feb 18.3. In order to be considered by the board, all mandatory or optional Officer Evaluation Reports (OER) / Academic Evaluation Reports (AER) must be received, error free, by the HRC Evaluations Branch 20 Nov 17.All Complete-the-Record OERs for this board must be prepared and submitted on the appropriate DA Form 67-10 as described in paragraph 3b above.(3) Refer to AR 623-3, paragraph 3-56, to determine eligibility for submitting a Complete-the-Record report.All of the criteria detailed in the regulation must be met in order to submit this type of OER.(4) All other reports (mandatory or optional), excluding Complete-the-Record reports (code 09), will have a “thru date” that reflects the end date of the event that justified the report.d.The official photo, and non-AMHRR documents such as the DA Form 4037, ORB, DA Form 2-1, and if applicable, a Letter to the President of the Board are also added to the MBF.To access MBF go to, and click on My Records, then select Reserve/Retiree/Veteran Record, and then select Board File.Officers that find duplicate, inverted, or misfiled evaluation reports in their AMHRR, may submit request for correction to: [email protected]