Updating gps receiver firmware software

Contact Download directly from Foscam (November 2010) Changes: - New button to prevent the folder where the videos are saved from popping up. Bugs: - Messed up Sunday timing in the alarm scheduler (settings from 0800 through 1600 override those from 0000 through 0800 for Sunday) - Scrambled pictures send by email (not verified) mirror (July 2010 release - MD5 B8347A2DD2ED84B59D2D658D7B2BA0F5) Update of the update (July 2010) : new files same version, the Web UI now has a section for specifying the patrol rates.Changes: - Wifi Disconnections resolved - Wrong timestamp in log resolved - Log now reports motion detection events - Videostream FPS can be adjusted - Ability to Backup/Restore the settings - PTZ errors are now solved Bugs: - the patrol speed is set to maximum, which can be re-set to normal by the following command: Updated CGI documentation: /videostream.cgi[? user=&pwd=&resolution=&rate=] Parameters: resolution:(0*240,0*480) rate: 0-23 0:maximum fps fps fps 11:5 fps 12:4 fps 13:3 fps 14:2 fps 15:1 fps 17:1 fp/2s 19:1 fp/3s 21:1 fp/4s 23:1 fp/5s system "bis" Web UI "bis" Around March 2010, Foscam started to actually host the latest firmware in their "Download Center".

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Some externally identical IP cameras may not be from Foscam.

Generally their packaging and web interface is different.

mirror June 2009 Enables the server push support (non-IE browsers compatibility) and allow applications such as VLC to intercept the video stream through the page.

Bugs: - Clock synchronization does not account for DST - the camera cannot reconnect to the network if the connection is lost.

GPS engine firmware updates can sometimes cause the elevation to read as a negative number, which can read in the thousands of meters below sea level (e.g. More information on elevation issues can be found in this knowledge article.

If your laptop computer has a serial port, you can connect it to the receiver using a straight-through serial cable.Below is the latest firmware update for the XGPS150, XGPS150A and XGPS150E models.Please download the file to your computer, unzip the file and follow the instructions contained in the zip file.Both update files are still showing the same version but they changed in size.I suspect that some minor bug fixes Changes: It is unclear what improvement has been brought by this version.You will need to know which COM port your computer is using for the receiver connection in order to update using Win Load or Raven Loader.