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These files could be shared with other Mobile Me users, and the whole thing could be managed from the Mobile Me website, or right within Finder.

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It really did feel like the future had arrived to i Phone users who were used to syncing this data via a USB cable.Mobile Me was more than just emails and other personal data. Mac, as explained on the Mobile Me product webpage: When your friends and family visit your Mobile Me Gallery, they’re in for a show.(I chuckled when I noticed Apple put “cloud” in quotes in Leopard’s version of the Mobile Me preference pane.In Snow Leopard and Lion, the company used simplified language: “Mobile Me is the simple way to keep everything in sync on your Mac, PC, i Phone, and i Pod touch.”) Unlike i Cloud, Mobile Me was a paid service.It came with 20 GB of online storage for use across all of the various components of the service: Mail, Photos, i Disk and more. An extra 20 GB cost a year, while another would add another 40 GB to a user’s account.

Customers of the 9 Family Pack had access to 40 GB of storage. Early reviews of Mobile Me were bit of a mixed bag.

Apple offered a 60-day free trial to allow potential customers to check out the service and get a feel for what it could do for them. Mac service were moved over to Mobile Me, but could keep their @email addresses. Over at Macworld, Jeff Carlson took issue with the time it took the Mac to sync new data: i Cal and Address Book records under Leopard are updated every 15 minutes (and therefore are not “pushed” when edited, a clarification Apple made after the launch; Tiger syncs hourly).

However, calendar and address book updates sometimes applied regardless of the settings I chose in the Mobile Me preference pane: with syncing set to Manual, I still watched Mobile Me occasionally reach out for updates on its own, though the behavior was inconsistent.

As Schiller demonstrated in several different ways in the keynote, Mobile Me kept all of this information updated, on all of a user’s devices, in real time.

You could create a new calendar entry on your Mac, and by the time you picked up your i Phone, the event would already be there.

As such, Mobile Me was baked deeply into Mac OS X and i Phone OS.