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Each new Update of The Sandbox Evolution will bring even more elements, heroes and campaigns!

The Windows Store included with Windows 10 could be a one stop shop to find all the software you’re looking for. A few desktop applications, like Kodi and Evernote, are now available–but most aren’t.

Gabe N bestowed this app upon WP the day after the trade lock had been lifted from the unofficial one.Remember kids, Steam doesn't want you to trade!- Click to drop elements, use your keyboard and mouse to zoom and scroll, control heroes with your gaming controller or keyboard. - Amazing HD pixel art graphics featuring multiple visual effects, parallax scrolling and more - Build worlds up to 10x bigger than in the previous Sandbox game - Draw original art or fanboy tributes to your favorite retro characters with over 100 colors - Create your own levels using Blocks and other Platforming elements - Compose chiptune melodies and become a retro maestro - Share your creations in the Online Gallery - Save and Sync your progress online with Steam or Email - Follow your favorite Players and Top Creators via the Social Menu - Full support for the Steam Controller to create worlds and control the heroes characters inside levels made by others players CREATE YOUR WORLDS PIXEL AFTER PIXEL!- Build a 2D pixel world by mixing and matching over 200 elements to discover their interactions - Use predefined templates or start from scratch: Music, Pixel Art, Sandbox, Caveman or Avatar - Manipulate Natural elements: Mud, Water, Sand, Fire, Metal, Electricity, Acid, Lava and more - Many Heroes with different skillsets: Shoot with Arnold, fly with Fujin or play with Hamster, the cutest of all- TORNADO: A super whirlwind makes everything fly away as you guide it through your worlds! A MAJOR EVOLUTION OVER ITS PREDECESSOR: THE SANDBOX!I'm just a little baffled as to why this app was made using the old Windows 8 tools instead of on the new universal app platform. I know you guys are pretty secretive about EVERYTHING until it happens, but I've been waiting for this for so long and had no idea it existed until it was referred to for 3 seconds in an unrelated video.

At any rate, the app itself is great and well designed.

Welcome to The Sandbox Evolution, the #1 pixel art world creation game.

Play with physics, over 200 elements and controllable heroes.

It does look a bit crude sometimes, with text flowing problems, but I'm sure the app will be improved!

9/2/16 - The latest update to this app made it much better to use and easier to navigate.

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