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For group discovery, the following configuration allows group membership changes to be synched as soon as possible after they occur: Application Catalog Finally, we’re assuming that the Application Catalog website is enabled and configured for the Configuration Manager site server.This is what we provide a link to for the user to get immediate access to the application once approved and access is granted.We start with the application, for instance, Adobe Reader.

As mentioned above, we’re using Active Directory here to manage access to applications via group membership.

There’s nothing at all complicated for this to work in our example, as long as these are true: Service Now is typically integrated with AD to sync the user accounts, so the third is normally true and only needs to be considered for dev environments with manually-created accounts.

People like to say “it’s the small things that count”, and this is certainly true of automation, where a lot of the work is in making things work together smoothly and reliably.

Applications We’ll start with the software, which is in the form of applications or packages defined in Configuration Manager.

As with Configuration Manager, there’s not much customization required to light up this scenario.

You could, of course, do a lot more, but getting started is pretty straightforward.This way, whichever Active Directory users are added to the AD group will become members of the collection. You could add users to a collection directly, but using AD group membership is good for transparency and manageability: anyone in the organization can easily look to see what users have access to Adobe Reader simply by viewing the group membership.You could also get fancy and use this as a distribution group to email these users in particular, for example when a security exploit is found that requires an immediate update to this specific app – better than blasting the entire company.An example: The self-service portal that holds our software catalog in this example is provided by Service Now.As alluded to above, the idea behind using a platform like Service Now as a front-end for an application catalog is that this approach makes application delivery an integrated part of the overall service delivery and business management environment.But in the age of app stores, this is rightfully seen as awkward and inefficient.