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I have limited power shell experience but if you tell me there is a script and how to run it I'm sure I can figure it out.

Having worked in help-desk roles in the past I know the importance of knowing which user has logged onto which computer.

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Each time a change is made on an object (like a computer) the attribute on that object (u SNChanged) increases.Changing the description of a computer object increases the u SNChanged value which allows it to replicate to other domain controllers.Below are the list of requirements we had for our environment.There is a lot more information that we could have included, both from WMI and Active Directory easily but we did not have a need for it.Because these USN counters are local, it is easy to ensure that they are reliable and never run backward (that is, they cannot decrease in value).

REFERENCE: How the Active Directory replication model works is a limit to the amount of USN’s that an Active Directory object can have, and this script can cause the USN limit to be reached in a large environment.

In our particular environment we had this very need even more so as we adopt automatic operating system deployments that use generated computer names containing serial numbers.

Our support staff could now go to Active Directory and see useful information populated in the description field for all computers.

' =================================================================== ' Author: Ivan Dretvic ' [email protected]' DATE CREATED: 08/10/2012 ' ' Documentation: ' -description-field-for-computers-in-active-directory/ ' ' This script is designed to assist System Administrators by populating ' description field of Active Directory Computers.

The sript can run ' at log-on and log-off, and is executed by the user.

To do this please follow the below steps: Once you have followed the steps above, any authenticated user can update the description field, either with the below script or using another method.