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A lap dance (or contact dance) is a type of erotic dance performance offered in some strip clubs in which the dancer typically has body contact with a seated patron.Lap dancing is different from table dancing, in which the dancer is close to a seated patron, but without body contact.There is some debate as to whether lap dancing is entertainment or a type of sex work.

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The Mitchells hired new dancers as fast as they could to keep up with demand, and had created another sex-show innovation which gained them international notoriety and generated more money than their film business. and Canada, local authorities began cracking down on lap dancing after reports that some clubs allowed customers to engage in sexual intercourse or other sexual activity with dancers during lap dance sessions.

Later in 2004, a San Francisco District Attorney's decision to drop prostitution charges against lap dancers in the city changed the sexual culture of San Francisco and "has the potential to influence the policies of other cities". In 1973, an upmarket Vancouver bar called "Gary Taylor's Show Lounge" employed showgirls and strippers as waitresses who gave a free dance with every drink.

Most of the strippers who were not dancing were sitting naked on customers' laps for tips.

The amount of tipping rapidly increased and was then marketed as a lap dance, and its popularity caused lines of men to regularly appear outside the theater's doors.

With lap dancing, the dancer may be nude, topless or scantily dressed, depending on the laws of the jurisdiction and the club's policies.

With full-contact lap dances, the stripper may engage in non-penetrative sexual contact with the patron, such as "grinding" his or her body against the patron.Police raids took place on Irish lap-dancing clubs in 2003 in search of criminal activity as part of Operation Quest.Efforts to distance Irish lap dancing from the sex industry were hampered by the UK's decision in 2010 to classify its lap dancing clubs as sex establishments.Ireland's lap-dancing clubs became viewed as more expensive than their rivals overseas and more restricted in terms of the entertainment on offer.By 2012 there were five or six clubs operating in Dublin, one in Galway and one in Cork.Variant terms include couch dance, which is a lap dance where the customer is seated on a couch.