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The most common reasons of blue screen could be hardware failure, outdated drivers, new installations and even overheating.Which mind to restart pc while uninstalling newly added hardware.There might be two things causing this type of issue: Orphaned registry keys are pieces of data information that have been left behind during the process of uninstalling several programs from your computer.They don’t only take up unnecessary space on the PC but can cause a serious issue for its proper functionality.This is one of the signs that show your PC might suffer from a malware infection. These pop-ups are not only frustrating, but they usually come bundled with other concealed malware threats and could be far more destructive for our systems.

There are more of them you need to be aware of and understand, so you can quickly take action. They could be disguised as legitimate programs and actually track your web browsing data or monitor your online activity to collect passwords and other personal information.How to fix this: Use the Registry Editor (Regedit.exe) that can be opened in the search bar of Windows where you select the run command.The daunting part of this process is that you have to manually remove these orphaned keys.Thus, you can get exposed to all kind of attacks, and we strongly recommend enhancing your protection by adding multiple layers of protection.Read these 10 reasons why second-generation detection.When the registry is corrupt or full of errors, indications can be felt your computer end user.