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The Cardinals were at least even money to also win in 1935-36, but no championship game was contested because their South Pasadena opponent refused to play (search 1935-36, “Hilltoppers Win, Cardinals’ Feathers Ruffled”).

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6 as erstwhile substitute Al Martinez scored 17 points, and in overtime at Poly, 22-21, Feb 13.

Most other Southern Section Leagues still were involved in their regular seasons. 24, a scheduled playoff with Metropolitan League champion Point Loma failed to materialize as the Pointers forfeited.

The three teams finished in a tie for first, each with a 4-1 record.

Alhambra beat San Diego, 32-15, but lost to Poly, which San Diego defeated, 25-18. PLAYOFF BEFORE PLAYOFFS A playoff to determine the Coast League entry in the Southern Section playoffs was to begin almost two weeks later.

TOURING CLASS Coronado , was 4-1 after Christmas on a six-day visit to the University of Redlands Frosh (20-17), San Jacinto (28-9), Long Beach Jordan (20-19), and San Juan Capistrano (27-20), sandwiched around a 25-20 loss at Redlands High.

San Diego coach Ed Ruffa prepared to whistle stop several venues in the Southwest, but received no replies after soliciting El Centro Central, Brawley, Holtville, and Mesa, Arizona.

SAINTS SOAR The 15 annual San Diego Interscholastic tournament, with 32 teams competing in 66 games in four days in Class A, B, C, and D divisions, played out as expected, with one exception.

San Diego High won A, C, and D and Hoover B, but St. “Nearly one-thousand fans were startled when Biff Gardner’s smooth-passing, straight-shooting Saints created one of the biggest upsets of recent years by defeating Hoover, 22-16,” declared .

It was not unusual for seniors to play on B squads.

Under Coach Bruce Maxwell, Hoover ruled the B world, many times playing the feature, late game of a doubleheader with the Class A Cardinals team on the undercard.

Point Loma coach Joe Beerkle said that he had lost two starting players, Gil Gonsalves and Gerald Lutes, to midterm graduation and, anyway, the rest of the team was concentrating on the beginning track-and-field season. 27, Ruffa was getting desperate for a game, any game.