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In December 2008, she won her first WWE Divas Championship and held it for 7-months.

In late 2011, she stated plans for a clothing and jewelry line called House of Maryse, and later started working as a realtor.

She made her in-ring debut at OVW live event in December 2006.

In late 2004, former Team Angle member Charlie Haas was teamed with the flamboyant Miss Jackie and Rico (remember him? It may have seemed an odd pairing for the previously serious tag team wrestler, but what do you know?Haas and Jackie's on-screen flirtations carried over to off-screen and the pair were soon engaged, marrying in July 2005.Especially when WWE threw in the supposedly shocking twist that Bryan had been secretly dating Gail Kim and stringing the girls along.Has any WWE couple ever looked into each other than Gail and Daniel?That was Natalie Portman/Hayden Christensen levels of uncomfortable.

But real emotions did blossom between Brie Bella and Daniel, and the two have been steadily dating for a while now, as TMZ and various other outlets have confirmed.Early Career Maryse started developing a range of makeup products.She began her modeling career as a beauty pageant contestant and winning Miss Hawaiian Tropic Canada 2003 and stood second at the International Finals of Miss Hawaiian Tropic 2004.In high school, she ran the school’s fashion show and was the only girl in her class.Maryse has a degree in business administration and is a black belt in martial arts.Ah, these two may be the most prominent example of "life imitating art" in wrestling.