Who is raheem morris dating

And he knows how to shape and mold his players to be the best that they can, week in and week out."He helped me mentally get ready throughout the week with film study of DBs, the tendencies and the things that I could take advantage of them.

Morris has never lacked for confidence, dating back to his eventually doomed days as the head coach of the Buccaneers, and he was always going to need that confidence to succeed in this new role.

While we're going to have to see how the receivers fare in 2016 before we declare this a success, no less an authority than Morris (duh) and Julio Jones believe it's working so far: "Raheem, he came in, he brings that defensive mindset to the room because he sees things from a defensive perspective," Jones said.

Quinn is certain Morris will be an NFL head coach again some day."I do think so,” Quinn said, "and I hope that it’s sooner than later. So when his chance comes, that’s what I hope his next step is.”Out of respect for Quinn and the Falcons' organization, Morris politely declined to join in any talk related to becoming a head coach again.

He remains solely focused on ensuring that All-Pro Julio Jones and the rest of the receivers maintain a high level of play alongside reigning MVP Matt Ryan and the high-octane offense.

There, he developed a strong bond with former Falcons offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan, currently a first-time head coach with the San Francisco 49ers.

If anybody can appreciate the head-coaching qualities Morris possesses, it would be Shanahan."Raheem has always been a great defensive coach,” Shanahan told ESPN earlier this week.I think it was unique at the time because I think he was [32]. It was both our first shot to try and go in and do that.But looking back at it, I see now that Raheem is probably even in better position now because he’s been through it once. And he just has 'it.'"If you’ve met him and if you’ve ever had a chance to sit down and talk to him, you can understand why he has a presence to him."And now, to have the experience on offense the past two years, puts him at the top of the tier.He has more energy than any coach I’ve ever been around, and he can connect with any type of player or coach.I’d be shocked if Raheem doesn’t get a shot soon, and he should.