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From a strictly reproductive standpoint, kisses are certainly not required and many cultures have flourished without a single peck.

The behavior is only part instinct, having an enormous cultural influence.

Similarly, people pressed their lips to the pope’s ring and slipper.The kiss also served as a sign of trust between feudal lords and vassals.The rumored-couple was in Paris for Rivercon, a French festival for the CW show, and paparazzi caught them kissing on more than one occasion.Here they are at a restaurant, making out to their heart's content: Rumors that the two were dating first started flying about a year ago, and since then, they've been spotted kissing at Comic-Con and they even went on vacation together in January. which, let me just point out, is like one of the top romance and honeymoon destinations in the world.magazine in January, Lili elaborated on why she feels strongly about it.

“People are just dying to know information about if I’m in a relationship or not.

I understand the interest, but it’s called a private life for a reason.

And it’s not something that I owe the world,” she said.

By tracing the human lip print back thousands of years, we can see its deep cultural traditions.

Gallery: Memorable Hollywood Kisses The earliest literary evidence we have for kissing dates back to around 1500 B. from India’s Vedic Sanskrit texts, the foundations of the Hindu religion.

And you have to have spaces for reverence in the industry."That's all well and good but guys, you were kissing in a restaurant in Paris, aka the most romantic city in the world.