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Have a personal coaching service at your finger tips 24/7.

HQ events are FREE for members and have VERY limited spaces.

In the past we have held practical skills workshops on how to touch her, ‘Conversation Tech’ and our signature Field Study where you practice meeting women IRL (In Real Life! Want to know how to get her to respond to your message? Do you have a dating related question you need answered TODAY?

Wherever you are in the world (even if that is getting 30 minutes coaching in after work from your sofa) you can get INSTANT ACCESS to my premier training courses the ATTRACTION LOOPHOLE, FAIL-PROOF APPROACH (and more!

) to give you step by step advice on how to approach and attract a girlfriend (RRP £149)Each month we bring together the best teachers and coaches from around the world to deliver on and offline practical training events to you.

This group both lovingly and often humorously encourages me raise my game, in a way that makes it ultra appealing and easy to do so!

The podcasts and videos keep me inspired when I am on my commute and have great practical tips that I am always excited to try and use during my day.and in the mean time you’re going to have some great dates. If you don’t know how to meet men, choose great ones for you, or even flirt watch my premium video courses for free in the Club to give you a head start (RRP £67) I like a good party and a giving you opportunities to put your skills into practice. And if you live internationally we have ‘in your pocket’ online experiences so you can participate.Over the past year, I have been developing my club to help make this your reality. You can now step inside a powerful community of other women who want to learn to date smarter, meet men in real life and get ahead on their life goals. Our Club has themed mixer events, dance move workshops or our signature Field Studies where you try meeting him IRL (In Real Life). Do you have a love or dating related question you need answered TODAY?Have a personal coaching service at your fingertips 24/7.Every week a team of experts and I also give you exclusive videos not just to improve your dating but to tweak your life; because everyone knows having good ‘game’ is always just an add on to having a life you’r really proud of.While you’re waiting for that email, I strongly recommend you watch this excellent free presentation.